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Need original monsters? WICKED CREATURES antho features my story “Carving Grace” and lots of unique creeps!

NEHW anthology Wicked Creatures Cover

Monster anthologies—there are so many! Wicked Creatures is crammed with seriously unusual ones, though—everything from a mumble man to scary train beings. And it’s now available!

The antho features my short story “Carving Grace.” In it, living figureheads scour the streets of Timber Inlet in search of happy souls to punish. Grace, who struggles with depression, thinks she’s safe … until Read the rest of this entry

The jackalopes are coming!


The search for the jackalope—that mythical demon-esque cross between a rabbit and an antelope that dwells in the American west—has come to an end with the release of Western Legend Publishing’s anthology Unnatural Tales of the Jackalope. In this collection of horror stories due out June 30, my short story “The Thing Inside” and 20 others bring the terrifying jackalope to vivid, scary, life.

The collection is edited by John Palisano (author of Nerves from Bad Moon Books) and is WLP’s debut volume. The table of contents is now posted over on the Western Legends Publishing Facebook page! You can check that out here: (and click Like while you’re at it?).

While it’s never a good idea to say “this is a collection that hasn’t been done before”—well, honestly, a collection of horror stories centered around the jackalope really hasn’t, according to my research (the closest thing I could find were a few single-story books aimed at very young children). This fantastic collection isn’t to be missed and will be available in both print and shortly thereafter e-book; I’ll keep you posted.

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