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The ring. Had I known this was going to happen I’d have painted my nails…I’d been cleaning all day, so they really didn’t look so hot! Photo by Jen Connic.

I got the shock of my life at our annual New Year’s Eve gathering…Nathan asked me to marry him just before the ball dropped!

I never saw it coming or had any clue, but being we both love our friends and our parties, there wasn’t a more perfectly-suited moment for the occasion.

Of course…I said yes! We don’t have a date set yet, but we do have an idea…and I will say that I’m glad I changed my name to his years ago, because now all the icky paperwork’s out of the way and all I have to do is enjoy the good stuff.

If you’d like to share the magic, here’s a musical slide show of the evening as well as the two-and-a-half minute film of the proposal. What’s “The Year-Long Question” about? Nathan asked me in 2011…and I answered him in 2012. For the rest of his life, he says, he’s going to tell people he had to wait a whole year for my answer. Ha!


Me and Nathan a couple of hours before the big moment. I had no clue.


The Proposal

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