The ring. Had I known this was going to happen I’d have painted my nails…I’d been cleaning all day, so they really didn’t look so hot! Photo by Jen Connic.

I got the shock of my life at our annual New Year’s Eve gathering…Nathan asked me to marry him just before the ball dropped!

I never saw it coming or had any clue, but being we both love our friends and our parties, there wasn’t a more perfectly-suited moment for the occasion.

Of course…I said yes! We don’t have a date set yet, but we do have an idea…and I will say that I’m glad I changed my name to his years ago, because now all the icky paperwork’s out of the way and all I have to do is enjoy the good stuff.

If you’d like to share the magic, here’s a musical slide show of the evening as well as the two-and-a-half minute film of the proposal. What’s “The Year-Long Question” about? Nathan asked me in 2011…and I answered him in 2012. For the rest of his life, he says, he’s going to tell people he had to wait a whole year for my answer. Ha!


Me and Nathan a couple of hours before the big moment. I had no clue.


The Proposal

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  1. all the best wishes kaye!!!!! “start spreading the news” was the perfect song to be played 😀 and congrats, nathan…. who i look forward to meeting one day! i never had a tv growing up either… but then again, we could hear times square from our e. 78th st apt. may your 2012 be as terrific as 11:59 2011! xo,c

    • Thanks, Celia! I’m so excited I can’t stand it! And you’re right…I didn’t even think about that, New York New York! Oh, you’d love Nathan. You guys would get along great!! Have an awesome 2012 and let’s try to talk for real soon!

  2. OMG.OMG. OMG. That was GREAT!! I am teary eyed!! So excited for you guys! And while I was watching the video, David interrupted “What are you listening to?” I yelled back: “I tell you in a minute.” (Sheesh! Ya can’t interrupt a proposal story!!). Of course then he had to come watch it too and he loved it as well. (So I’m not just a softee girl!!). Raising a glass from the coastline. Can we raise a glass in person?? xoxo, K

  3. Great video and photo show!!

  4. Yahooooooo!!!!!!!! Peace and Love… Let me know when you get to the sunshine state. Gail

  5. Ok. I finally watched the videos. How truly amazing!!! I had tears in my eyes. It also struck me how very cool that YOU were taping him while he asked you. WOW!!!!! Many many happy years for you two,,,,,Hugs… Gail

  6. Very heartfelt (and much belated) CONGRATULATIONS!

  7. Julia, Princess of Giles

    Congrats Kaye and Nathan! That was such a sweet surprise!

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