Happy Halloween! Mail for Dead Men

My father has been dead almost five years, but I still get his junk mail. Recently, I got an odd ancient coin that will ensure my father reaps the benefits of God’s blessings if he uses their medical care certificates (or something) and a letter noting he’s been pre-approved for a policy from Physician’s Life Insurance (seriously?). There’s no real point to this blog post, I just thought that getting that type of mail for a dead man was creepy, and since today’s Halloween, I thought I’d share. Here’s to egging the mailbox!


02 DeadMan'sMailPhysiciansLifeInsurance

The weird little coin came with these medical care certificates.

03 DeadMan'sMailPhysiciansLifeInsurance

I think it’s a little late for this, no?

04 DeadMan'sMailPhysiciansLifeInsurance

05 DeadMan'sMailPhysiciansLifeInsurance

06 DeadMan'sMailPhysiciansLifeInsurance

Whew! I’m certainly glad there’s no health exam required. I really didn’t want to have to pull a Mr. Sardonicus.

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  1. In public “elderly” housing, people drop dead all the time and the dead people get mail every day. What’s worse, the postal guys don’t give a hoot, and drop the wrong person’s mail in the wrong mailboxes. There are just too many mailboxes and they are each I’d say about the size of a can of cat food. There must be some money to me made in this somehow, so everyone’s black cat can get fed. It’s Halloween, after all. Time to sweep it all under the rug.

  2. The responsible things for company to do are to be ethical, track closely what have been done and not to repeat the same tricks again. Frankly, the regular paper waste will mostly be recycled by me.

    For example, the bank would send pre-approved cheque to entice people to take up bank transfers. The bank would send additional plastic credit card (ask not to activate), but next time would still come back with the same/ similar promotion.

    Also, I posted the above comment at another WordPress blog, but still under moderation.

  3. When i get my neighbor’s mail, it seems they send her ads for mobility aids, scooters and the like, these are supposed to improve life and make you more independent, the ad says. All I know was that my former neighbor’s husband “borrowed” his wife’s scooter, chose to use it over walking, and ended up dying. I’m sure it was a factor. Not that I’m one to say.

    My current neighbors, all they do is stay inside all day, never leave their postage-sized apartments, watch Vanna White for half-hour segment after half-hour segment (I will be hearing it through these paper-thin walls throughout Nano) and then the Pope every Sunday. I told my minister some don’t see daylight for weeks and their relatives have left them here to die, just dumped them here. Not all are elderly, many aren’t. Many want to get out, but rent is so low and no place else is this low. i just can’t find anyplace else on what I get from the gov’t. Happy Halloween.

    Tomorrow is Day One of Nano. It’s past midnight…are you doing Nano, Kristi, do you know anyone doing it? I’m writing a memoir about being against forced care. A lot of it is shocking stuff that happened to me in emergency rooms. It HAS to get in writing. I’ve seen a lot of wrongful stuff done. People sent home to die, and pretty much told that.


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