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Happy Halloween! Mail for Dead Men

My father has been dead almost five years, but I still get his junk mail. Recently, I got an odd ancient coin that will ensure my father reaps the benefits of God’s blessings if he uses their medical care certificates (or something) and a letter noting he’s been pre-approved for a policy from Physician’s Life Insurance (seriously?). There’s no real point to this blog post, I just thought that getting that type of mail for a dead man was creepy, and since today’s Halloween, I thought I’d share. Here’s to egging the mailbox!


02 DeadMan'sMailPhysiciansLifeInsurance

The weird little coin came with these medical care certificates.

03 DeadMan'sMailPhysiciansLifeInsurance

I think it’s a little late for this, no?

04 DeadMan'sMailPhysiciansLifeInsurance

05 DeadMan'sMailPhysiciansLifeInsurance

06 DeadMan'sMailPhysiciansLifeInsurance

Whew! I’m certainly glad there’s no health exam required. I really didn’t want to have to pull a Mr. Sardonicus.

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