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Have a safe and Happy Halloween, everyone! 

Puffer Fish Tank Cemetery

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk’s home for puffer fish and horseshoe crabs gets a sprinkling for the season.

Happy Halloween! This year’s Cemetery of the Dolls

Doll Cemetery 10

If you know me then you know that every Halloween I take a great deal of pride in a small cemetery display outside my front door (and you’ve probably seen it in person). Every year Read the rest of this entry

A little dust makes a difference…

I’m not a fan of snow. In fact, I’m a chionophobe. But our decorative miniature cemetery looked very different the first time it saw snow…somehow a little dusting made the silk flowers look real, the Styrofoam marble and the statues menacing.

I might even be tempted to leave it up through the winter next year. What do y’all think?







On Paranuptials: Demon Birds and Haunted Dolls…

Nathan and I shared secrets and more than just a couple of ghost stories last week on The Invisible World’s Ep. 116: The Paranuptials Special. If you missed it, fear not…you can listen to the show here:

Or here:

The Invisible World Paranuptuals Special 10/03/2012

Oh, and if, after the episode, you want to know more about the demon bird and see a pic of Joselyn the haunted doll? Check it out below:

The Demon Bird

Haunted, Possessed Dolls

Yeah, Josleyn, Yeah…not too happy, Nice work, hubby!

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