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A brand new ghost story in LIMN Literary & Arts Journal!

LIMN Halloween Issue LOGO

With all the craziness this year, I haven’t written much. However, “May You Grow Old and Bitter”—penned in March—is now available in LIMN Literary & Arts Journal’s special Halloween Issue. I’m honored the story is alongside a few other specially-selected spooky pieces, among them “The Dying Eye” by Carmen Tudor. Enjoy!

Here is where the issue is located:

If, for some reason, it has moved, here are the permalinks to each piece (including mine):

Poetry: “All Hallows’ Eve” by William Trebell

Fiction: “May You Grow Old and Bitter” by Kristi Petersen Schoonover

Fiction: “Greener” by Andrew Bud Adams

Poetry: “Halloween Sestina” by Martin Elster

Fiction: “The Dying Eye” by Carmen Tudor

Poetry: “Marsha Griggs” by Ron Heacock


Culture: the word on cheese, a magazine for cheese enthusiasts, retailers and the like, is running its second annual “Scary Dairy” Contest with a winner announced on November 4.

If you’re looking for something short (and cheesy) to read in between the trick or treaters, head on over there and enjoy the current entries. My short “Slow Grill,” written specifically for this contest, is over there, and so are stories by friends and New England Horror Writers members David Goudsward and Stacey Longo. The other entrants I don’t know, but all of the stories are fun to read.

Writer? I think there’s also still time to enter—entries must be 500 words or fewer. Take a shot at it! The cheese basket they’re offering as a prize sounds YUMMY.

Enjoy and Happy Cheesing!


Nathan’s apartment decked out for Halloween, 2005. Yes, he carved all those pumpkins. It’s one of his favorite activities.

Ghost stories have always been an oral tradition—shared around the Victorian hearth, intoned around the campfire, whispered while passing the haunted house.

For Halloween, Canada’s Paranormal Eh? honors that tradition with an audio treat—a reading of my out-of-print ghost story “House Sitter”…followed by the true story that inspired it.

Enjoy…and Happy Haunting! Listen here:


Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion's Bride Action Figure.

October may be a strange time to choose to put GhoStory Guru on hiatus, but this month, I decided to do a special five-part series on Disney’sHauntedMansionand the real ghost stories that may have inspired some of its scenes. The series runs every Monday, and on Sunday, October 30, 2011, I’m releasing a never-before-published short story from the original Tales from Haunted Disney World collection called “Grave Error,” written just for Haunted Mansion fans.

Here are the links to episodes #1 and #2 of “A Lit Look at the Haunted Mansion.” Enjoy and have a safe and happy Halloween!

A “Lit” Look at Disney’s HauntedMansion: The Cemetery’s Caretaker & Dog

A “Lit” Look at Disney’s HauntedMansion: The Attic’s Portrait

GhoStory Guru: “The Highboy” by Alison Lurie

Ever had an inanimate object give you the creeps? If you have, then you’ll identify strongly with Alison Lurie’s disturbing “The Highboy.” If you haven’t? Then this story is the best way to connect with that feeling without having to go through it (yes, I know, cheap thrill).

What gives this story its creep-factor—well, other than the very subject itself—is Lurie’s diction: this modern tale is peppered with antiquated words and phrases to invoke the feel of many of the classics.

Read “The Highboy” and the next time you go into your dining room, you might just give that really ugly inherited antique a second glance.

“The Highboy” is found in Lurie’s 1994 collection, Women & Ghosts. You can purchase it here:

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